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Thank you for visiting. Riveted Labs USA Inc. ceased operations and formally closed in November, 2019.

Riveted Labs was a tech start-up founded in 2018 by Theo Ellis, Katharine Brandes, and Jack Breslauer. The company's mission was to develop tools to reduce smartphone distraction.

The company launched two products:

  • ClassMode, an app for teachers, parents, and students to minimize smartphone distraction in K-12 classrooms. A presentation Katharine gave on the app at Techonomy 2018 can be found here.

  • WorkMode, an app for high-risk worksites to reduce the hazards of personal phone use on the job. An interview on the app that Theo gave on NPR can be found here.

In addition to building two apps, the company also prototyped hardware solutions to smartphone distraction. The company filed applications for two U.S. patents, one related to the specific mobile device management approach used in ClassMode and the other related to a child-proof smartphone lockbox that required solving a puzzle to open.

The founders are very grateful to the early adopters, investors, and contractors who helped bring these tools into the world.


Theo Ellis

Katharine Brandes

Jack Breslauer

Any questions related to Riveted Labs should be sent to

Mail can be sent to our former business address, where it will be forwarded:

Riveted Labs USA, Inc

81 Prospect St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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